Our investment is a blend of modern architecture and a restored villa from the 1930s. The project combines timeless elegance typical of the architecture of the past century with the best elements of modern developments – quality, durability, and surprising material and design combinations.

The investment is situated in the green part of Poznań, right by Malta Lake. We selected this location carefully to provide residents with convenience, excellent connectivity, as well as the tranquility that is often rare in large urban areas. The latest MASTERM project is an ideal choice for both those seeking their first home and for investors.


When designing the building’s structure, we aimed to preserve the spirit of the 1930s. However, we ensured that the apartments are finished using modern materials and attention to detail. We offer residential units ranging from 28 sqm to 77 sqm.


The Polanka investment will appeal to individuals valuing dynamism and personal growth. The location of the apartments takes into account excellent area connectivity and access to a well-developed urban infrastructure. The proximity to greenery and the intimate character of the building also make it an ideal place for families with children.


In restoring the villa, we took care to preserve characteristic elements of the architectural style of the time, such as the prominent staircase, the ground-floor annex, elegant facades, and a balcony with wrought iron railings.


Building management is carried out by an experienced administrator. We ensure comprehensive administrative, legal, accounting, financial, and technical services.